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Carrying of Firearms-Arizona

A qualified person shall obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon from the department of public safety and the person shall carry the permit at all times when s/he is in actual possession of the concealed weapon.  [i] The person shall present the permit for inspection to any law enforcement officer on request and failure to present the permit for inspection may result in the suspension of permit.
In order to obtain a permit, the applicant must be a resident of the state of Arizona or a United States citizen above 21 years and should not be a convicted felon.  The person should not suffer from any mental illness.  S/he should have satisfactorily completed a firearms safety training program authorized by the department of public safety.

On receipt of a concealed weapon permit application, the department of public safety shall conduct a check of the applicant’s criminal history.  The permit is valid for five years, except in the case of a permit that is held by a member of the United States armed forces, including a member of the Arizona National Guard or a member of the reserves of any military establishment of the United States, who is on federal active duty and who is deployed overseas.  In such cases, the permit shall be extended until ninety days after the end of the member’s overseas deployment.

A permit is renewable after five years and a criminal history records check shall be conducted within sixty days after receipt of the application for renewal.  Arizona shall recognize a concealed weapon, firearm or handgun permit that is issued by another state or a political subdivision of another state if the permit is recognized as valid in the issuing state.  In such a case, the permit holder should not be a resident of Arizona and should not be legally present or legally prohibited from possessing a firearm in the state of Arizona.

The states which does not recognize Arizona permit include California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

[i] A.R.S. § 13-3112

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