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Carrying of Firearms-Guam

The standard of issuing permit is Guam is quite stringent and no permit to carry a concealed firearm of any nature shall be issued unless the applicant shows exceptional cause.  Such exceptional causes shall include, but not be limited to facts which show that such concealment is absolutely necessary for protection of persons or property, or a genuine reason to fear for the safety of one’s person or property and that a concealed firearm would materially lessen that danger.  Such permission, once stated upon the identification card, shall not be renewed unless, at the time for renewal, the application shows a continuing need for such permission, using the standards for such permission as they exist at the time for renewal.  Accordingly, it is unlawful for any person to carry any concealed firearm unless the person has received permission to carry such firearm and such permission is stated upon the face of the person’s identification card.[i]

[i] 10 GCA § 60109

Inside Carrying of Firearms-Guam