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Carrying of Firearms-South Carolina

In South Carolina (S.C.) under S.C. Code Section 16-23-460, a person carrying a concealed deadly weapon that can inflict personal injury is considered guilty of a misdemeanor.  If a person is found guilty, the person should forfeit the concealed weapon, to the county, or, municipality.  The guilty person will be fined with an amount that is between two hundred dollars and five hundred dollars, or imprisoned for a period between thirty and ninety days[i].

The following persons are exempted from the application of Section16-23-460:

  • A person carrying a concealed weapon upon his/her own premises,
  • Peace officers in the actual discharge of their duties.

Under Section 16-23-430 , it is unlawful for any person to carry a knife, a blackjack, a metal pipe or pole, firearms or any other type of weapon, device or object which may be used to inflict bodily injury or death on any elementary or secondary school property.  A person who violates Section 16-23-430 is guilty of a felony and will be fined with an amount not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned for a period not more than five years, or both[ii].

Under Section 23-31-230, a person who holds a permit should not carry a concealable weapon into the residence or dwelling place of another person without the express permission of the owner.  A person who violates the provision of Section 23-31-230, is guilty of a misdemeanor and will be fined with an amount not less than one thousand dollars or imprisoned for a period not more than one year, or both.  Also, the court may revoke the person’s permit for a period of five years[iii].  However, S.C. permits a person to carry a concealable weapon from an automobile or other motorized conveyance to a room or other accommodation s/he has rented[iv].

The following persons who possess a valid permit can carry a concealable weapon anywhere within the state while carrying out the duties of their office[v]:

  • Active supreme court justices;
  • Active judges of the court of appeals;
  • Active circuit court judges;
  • Active family court judges;
  • Active masters in equity;
  • Active probate court judges;
  • Active magistrates;
  • Active municipal court judges;
  • Active federal judges;
  • Active administrative law judges;
  • Active solicitors and assistant solicitors;
  • Active workers’ compensation commissioners.

S.C. recognizes permits to carry firearms from the following states:

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming

The states that recognize permits to carry firearms from S.C. are

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Fee for the permit is $50.  Permit is issued for a term of four years and $50 has to be paid for renewal.

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