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Purchase of Firearms-Connecticut

According to Article 1, Section 15 of the Connecticut Constitution, a Connecticut citizen has the right to bear arms in self defense or in defense of the state.  Connecticut state permit is not required to purchase rifles, shotguns or long guns.  However, a permit/handgun eligibility certificate is required to purchase handguns.

In order to purchase a firearm other than pistol or revolver, the purchaser should make an application on a form prescribed and furnished by the Commissioner of Public Safety.[i]  There is a waiting period of two weeks from the date of application for purchase of the firearm.  Law enforcement officers, active duty military personnel, holders of a valid state permit to carry a handgun, holders of a valid hunting license or antique firearms are not bound by the waiting period and they can take possession of the firearm without waiting.[ii]   If a person purchases a firearm with an intent to transfer such firearm to any other person whom the transferor knows or has reason to believe is prohibited from purchasing or otherwise receiving such a firearm will be fined with an amount not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned for a period not more than five years or both.[iii]   

Main government office that deals with issues relating to firearms are:

 Department of Public Safety

1111 Country Club Road

Middletown, Connecticut 06450-9294

Phone: (860) 685-8000

Fax: (860) 685-8354



Attorney General

55 Elm Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Phone: 860-808-5318

Fax: 860 808-5387


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