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Purchase of Firearms-Maryland

The constitution of Maryland does not have a provision granting a right to bear arms.

In Maryland, no permit is required to purchase a rifle or shotgun. A firearm purchaser should submit to a licensee (dealer) or designated law enforcement agency a firearm application on the form that the Secretary provides along with a fee of $10[i].  The applicant should also provide information regarding the buyer’s eligibility to purchase or possess a handgun, and a description (including a serial number) of the handgun being purchased. The purchase is subject to disapproval by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police during a seven-day waiting period. The application may be disapproved only if the purchaser is ineligible or if the information supplied is false or incomplete. If no action is taken within seven working days from the date the application is forwarded by the dealer, the handgun may be delivered to the purchaser.

A person may not purchase more than one regulated firearm in a 30-day period.  However, if a person’s regulated firearm is stolen or irretrievably lost within that 30 day period, then that person can purchase another one during that period provided that immediate replacement of the firearm is necessary. In this situation, the person must provide the licensed regulated firearms dealer with a copy of the official police report which contains the name and address of the regulated firearm owner, a description of the regulated firearm, the location of the loss or theft, the date of the loss or theft, and the date that the loss or theft was reported to the law enforcement agency.

The laws governing firearms are stated under Md. PUBLIC SAFETY Code Ann. § 5-101 et.seq.

Main government offices that regulate laws relating to firearms are:

Maryland State Police

Handgun Permit Section

7751 Washington Blvd

Jessup, Maryland 20794

Phone: (410) 486-3101


Attorney General

200 St. Paul Place

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Phone: (410) 576-6300

Fax: (410) 576-6447

[i] Md. PUBLIC SAFETY Code Ann. § 5-118

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