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Purchase of Firearms-New Jersey

In New Jersey (“N.J.”) under N.J. Statutes Section 2C:39-5c, to purchase a rifle or a shotgun the purchaser should hold a valid Firearms Purchasers Identification Card (“FID”).  The purchaser can obtain the rifle or a shotgun only upon first exhibiting the FID to the seller or transferor.  If the purchaser is unable to exhibit the FID the purchaser should sign a written certification form that identifies the purchaser, his/ her address and FID and state that he/ she is presently not disqualified from purchase.  If the purchaser holds the FID, he/she can buy any number of rifles or shotguns.

New Jersey Permit to Purchase is required to purchase a handgun.  Only one handgun can be purchased with one permit.  The permit will be issued to the applicant in quadruplicate.  The purchaser should handover the permit in quadruplicate to the seller.

The Police Chief of the municipality where the purchaser resides or the Superintendent of State Police, in all other cases issues the FID or the Permit to Purchase, upon application from the purchaser.  FID fee is $5 and the FID is valid as far as the holder stays eligible to obtain the FID   Likewise, fee for the Permit to Purchase is $2.  The permit validity is 90 days from the date of issuance and may be renewed by the issuing authority for good cause for another 90 days.

The application for both Permit to Purchase and FID should be in the form presecribed by Superintendent of State Police, and the application should list the following details of the applicant:

  • name;
  • residence;
  • place of business;
  • age, date of birth;
  • occupation;
  • sex, and physical description of the applicant;
  • state whether the applicant is a citizen;
  • whether an alcoholic, habitual drunkard, drug dependent person;
  • whether s/he has ever been confined or committed to a mental institution or hospital for treatment or observation of a mental or psychiatric condition on a temporary, interim, or permanent basis;
  • whether s/he has been attended, treated, or observed by any doctor or psychiatrist or at any hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis for any mental or psychiatric condition;
  • whether s/he presently or ever has been a member of any organization which advocates or approves acts of force and violence to overthrow the government, or which seeks to deny others their constitutional rights;
  • whether s/he has ever been convicted of a crime or disorderly persons offense and such other information as the superintendent shall deem necessary for the proper enforcement.

However, a Permit to Purchase or FID is not required to transfer a firearm other than an assault firearm upon the owner’s death to his/her heir or estate.

Main government offices that deal with issues relating to firearms are:

New Jersey State Police

Firearms Investigation Unit

PO Box 7068

West Trenton, NJ 08628-0068

609-882-2000 ext. 6619


Office of the Attorney General

Dept. of Law & Public Safety

P.O. Box 080

Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0080

Phone: (609) 292-4925, Fax: (609) 292-3508


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