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Sale of Firearms-Indiana

Gun law in the United States is defined by a number of state and federal statutes.  Sale or delivery of firearms is restricted in Indiana like any other U.S. state.  In almost all the states of the US, an importer, manufacturer, dealer or collector shall be licensed under the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 to be a lawful seller.

Section 35-47-2-7 of the Indiana Code prohibits the sales and transfers of firearms.  The law in Indiana generally prohibits a person from selling a handgun or assault weapon including a firearm to any person less than eighteen years of age.[i]

The law also prohibits sale of a handgun to another person when the seller has reasonable cause to believe that the person making the purchase has been convicted of a felony; or has been adjudicated a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult, if the person seeking to obtain ownership or possession of the handgun is less than twenty-three (23) years of age.[ii]  The law also prohibits sale of handgun when the purchaser is a drug abuser, an alcohol abuser; or is mentally incompetent.

The law also mandates that all retail dealers in Indiana obtain as well as exhibit the license permitting sale of handgun at all times.  Therefore all retail dealers who sell; trade; transfer; expose for sale, trade, or transfer; or possesse with intent to sell, trade, or transfer a handgun without being duly licensed and without displaying the license commits a Class B misdemeanor.[iii]

In Indiana, a retail dealer’s business shall be carried on only in the site designated in the license.[iv]  A separate license shall be required for each separate retail outlet.  Whenever a licensed dealer moves his place of business, he shall promptly notify the superintendent, who shall at once issue an amended license certificate valid for the balance of the license period.  These provisions however do not apply to sales at wholesale.

The license, certified by the issuing authority issued to the seller shall be displayed on the business premises in a prominent place where it can be seen easily by prospective customers.[v]
The law also prohibits the sale of handgun unless all the provisions relating to obtaining and display of license have been complied with.[vi]  Apart from these provisions, under any circumstances sale of handguns is permitted in Indiana only if the purchaser is personally known to the seller or presents clear evidence of his identity to the seller.[vii]


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